Chili Fish,Fish and Chips and Fish Qorma by Sara Riaz

Nov 27, 2010
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  • Fish and Chips Recipe

    Fish and Chips is very delicious seafood dish. Fish is marinated with white pepper, mustard powder and lemon juice. Then dipped in maida batter and deep fried. Then served with french fries and tartar sauce.
  • Fish And Chips

    Fish And Chips by Guest Chef Zeenqat Iqbal Hakimjee
  • Sweet Chili Fish

    Sweet Chili Fish is amazing dish. Marinated fish is coated and fried. Serve with sauce. You must try this recipe.
  • Fish N Chips

    Fish N Chips is delicious dish. It is commonly eaten in winter season. You can easily prepare this dish at home.
  • Chilli Fish Recipe

    Chilli Fish is spicy seafood dish. Fish cubes is dipped in maida, corn flour & soya sauce batter and fried. Sauce is prepared with chopped green chili, soya sauce, chili sauce, tomato sauce & corn flour, mixed and boiled. Then poured over fried fish, garnished with spring onion and served.

Recipe of Chili Fish,Fish and Chips and Fish Qorma by Sara Riaz in Tonights Menu on Ary Zauq

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