Baking Soda Recipes

Baking soda is actually a chemical compound of sodium bicarbonate, used as chemical leaveners in some of the recipes. It is usually used to lift the batter of your favourite recipe, whether for the batter for frying or coating before frying. It makes your food spongy and soft as well as tastes good and appealing to your eyes.It`s fact that the food that appeals to your eyes appeals your taste buds too.

Baking soda is not only used in preparation of your food but also in other household chores and healthy tips. It could be used for neutralizing acidic odours also maintains a neutral PH. It is also used as a booster for your laundry detergents power. It consists the quality of gentle abrasiveness as a scrub. Moreover baking soda can be used at plenty of purposes; it neutralizes, deodorizes, and additionally cleans everything without any toxic mess that results in many commercial products. It is simply a home remedy for most of your problems.

Baking soda might be used for your personal care as well such as, it freshen your breath, gently exfoliate and get rid of your dead skin, it works as a natural deodorant, could be used a polisher for your teeth, relieves your skin irritation especially for sensitive skin people, relieves you from insect bite, relieves heartburn and other health issues, helps to keep your brushes and combs clean as it removes oil build up or other residues, relieves in diaper rash and to pamper your feet as it is able to soothe and soften tired feet. It could be used for cleaning in your kitchen as well as your closet,home appliances and etc.

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