Beans Recipes

Beans are super food enriched in proteins. They are high in antioxidants and fibre too. They are helpful in prevention of many of the diseases and also best for your waistline. It serves more than the meat substitute, verily latest dietary guidelines recommends the intake of beans in a week around 1 to 3 cups as they are so much nutritious and healthy. In case of some chronic diseases like diabetes, cancer and heart disease, their common feature is being overweight. Trimming up your body and being fit and healthy does not only required to make yourself smart to look good but also for your health benefits.

Beans resemble to meat in terms of calories, but shines apart in terms of water content and fibre, which helps you to feel your belly full faster. Including beans in your daily diet assists you to cut down your calories fast without feeling deprived. Fibre in meat and beans differs in a way that meat is fairly and quickly digestible, whereas beans takes time in digestion, means theydigest pretty slowly than meat and satisfies you longer. Additionally beans have low sugar content which prevents insulin in your blood stream from causing and spiking hunger, as well as substitution of meat by beans provides your bonus of decreased saturated fats in your body.

Some common uses of beans in your food nowadays are found in salads or some dishes of different cuisines like Mexican or Chinese etc. Kidney beans, black beans and black eyed peas are the most common ones we come across.Verily, adding Beans in your Salad would be mouth-watering, healthy, nutritious and beneficial for your body needs.

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