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Garbanzos or chickpeas is of delicious nutlike taste and buttery texture, but also some starchy and pasty. It is a very versatile legume that is available in varied colours like black, red, green and brown. Chickpeas have number of health benefits and also work as medication or prevention of many of the diseases like diabetes and etc. It helps to reduce blood glucose levels. Chickpeas contain calcium, phosphate, magnesium, manganese, iron, vitamin K and zinc that help in building and maintenance of strength and your bone structure. Vitamin K is essential for bones as it prevents from bone fractures. Chickpeas also helps to lower blood pressure hence reduces chances of heart diseases.

Chickpeas contain high dietary fibre and also help to lower blood cholesterol. Selenium is usually not found in most of the veggies and fruits but found in chickpeas which helps to detoxify cancer causing compounds from your body, additionally prevents inflammation as well as reduces tumor growth rates. Folate in chickpeas helps in DNA synthesis. Vitamin C plays role as a powerful antioxidant and also helps to protect cells against free radical damage. High fiber content also reduces problems related to digestion and regularity. Hence it is full of healthy nutrients for your body.

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