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Green Rice Video Raspi Recipes (Page 8)

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  • Mutton Green Karahi by Shireen Anwer

    Mutton Green Karahi Recipe by Shireen Anwar in Masala Mornings at MasalaTV.
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  • Haray Chanoy Ky Parathay

    Haray Chanoy Ky Parathay is new paratha dish. Prepared with chickpeas, green chilies, mint leaves & green onion, chopped and stuffed in parathay. Must try.
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  • Teen Mirch Murgh

    Teen Mirch Murgh is spicy dish. It is prepared chicken, whole red chilies, green chilies and long red chilies. Serve with rice or naan.
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  • Guar Phalli Mutton Recipe

    Guar Phalli Mutton is tasty dish. Mutton is cooked with onion, tomatoes and guar phalli. Then mixed with tamarind paste, coriander leaves & green chilies and serve with rice or naan. You can also add vegetables.
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  • Green Velvet Jewel Cake

    Green Velvet Jewel Cake is delightful dessert. Cake is prepared with maida, eggs and icing sugar. Then baked, topped with vanilla pudding, cream and jelly mixture. Cut into slices and serve chill.
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  • Hara Masala Daal

    Hara Masala Daal is delicious and healthy dish. Mong daal and masoor daal is cooked with coriander leaves, green chilies & mint leaves paste. Serve with rice.
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  • Pyaz Pakora Recipe

    Pyaz Pakora is spicy and tasty pakora. Onion rings are mixed & coated with spices, green chilies, coriander leaves, potato, gram flour, rice flour & water and made thick batter. Then deep fried in hot oil and serve with any sauce or chutney of your choice.
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  • Vegetable Fried Rice Recipe

    Vegetable Fried Rice is prepared with rice and mix vegetables. Rice is boiled with salt and black pepper. Then vegetables are stir fried in oil. The mixed with boiled rice and simmer. Serve with raita.
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  • Pasanda Biryani Recipe

    Pasanda Biryani tasty biryani. Beef pasanday is marinated with yogurt, fried onion and spices. Then cooked in oil and mixed with green chilies, mint leaves & coriander leaves. Then cooked with boiled rice and simmered. Served with raita and salad.
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  • Seafood Fried Rice Recipe

    Seafood Fried Rice is tasty rice dish. Shrimps/Prawns & fish are cooked with boiled rice, fried eggs and mix vegetables. Then served in serving platter with raita and salad.
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  • Green Garlic Kabab by Shireen Anwer

    Green Garlic Kabab is simple, easy and tasty dish. It is prepared with few ingredients. You can serve it with sauce, chutney or sauce and or serve as roll.
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  • Bengali Mutton Curry by Zubaida Tariq

    Bengali Mutton Curry is a Spicy Bengali Cuisine, prepared with Mutton, Red Chilies & Green Chilies and served with Plain Rice or Roti. Its origin ins Bengal.
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  • Coconut Rice Kheer by Shumaila

    Coconut Rice Kheer is delightful sweet dish. The flavors of rice & coconut is rice & delicious. You must try this recipe at home and share with your family & guests.
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  • Double Cheese Beef Decker by Rauf Abbasi

    Double Cheese Beef Decker is a Main Course, prepared with Beef & Green Chilies, topped with Cheese and can be served with Noodles or Rice.
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  • Bihari Boti Recipe

    Bihari Boti is prepared with beef undercut or chicken. Beef or chicken is marinated with paste, yogurt and spices. Then bbq on coal and garnished with green chilies, onion rings & coriander leaves. Serve with naan or paratha and green chutney.
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  • Yang Chow Fried Rice

    Yang Chow Fried Rice is wonderful & amazing Chinese rice dish. It is prepared with beef meatballs, chicken, rice & scrambled eggs, mixed together & served.
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  • Balti Daal Desi Tarka

    Balti Daal Desi Tarka is delicious dish. Prepared with chana daal and mash daal. Given onion garlic tarka, garnished with green chilies & coriander leaves and serve with rice.
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  • Vegetable Nut Rice

    Vegetable Nut Rice is tasty dish. Prepared with mix vegetables, nuts (dry fruits), chicken and rice. Try this rice dish.
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  • Kaali Masoor Aur Chicken Ki Biryani

    Kaali Masoor Aur Chicken Ki Biryani is tasty biryani. Chicken, rice and masoor daal are boiled separately. Then mixed together with green chilies, garnished with brown onion & mint leaves and serve with raita.
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  • Green Pasta Salad

    Green Pasta Salad is wonderful salad. Spiral pasta & vegetables are used in this recipe. You can sue any type of pasta. It is served chilled.
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  • Fried Green Chicken by Rosheen

    Recipe of Fried Green Chicken by Rosheen in Posh Rosh on Zaiqa Tv.
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  • Samosa Chaat Recipe

    Samosa Chaat is very popular snack dish. Samosa is kept on dish with potatoes, tomatoes, onions, green chilies, yogurt & chickpeas and topped with green chutney & red chutney.
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  • Yogurt Marinated Turkish Chicken, Black Pepper Crusted Beef Steak With Chimichurri Sauce, Sauteed Green Beans With Sesame And Green Garden & Walnut Salad by Chef Faizan And Chef Danish

    Chef Faizan And Chef Danish was guest for this weekend and he cooked Yogurt Marinated Turkish Chicken, Black Pepper Crusted Beef Steak With Chimichurri Sauce, Sauteed Green Beans With Sesame And Green Garden & Walnut Salad in Lively Weekends on Masala TV
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  • Fried Kaleji And Badami Kulfi by Zubaida Tariq

    Fried Kaleji is prepared with Mutton Liver and Green Vegetables and served with Plain Rice or Naan. Badami Kulfi is a Frozen Dessert, prepared with Milk, Khoya and Flour and served with Vermicelli.
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  • Garlic Fried Rice

    Garlic Fried Rice is tasty dish. It is similar to fried rice. Rice is boiled and cooked with garlic cloves. Serve with sweet n sour chicken.
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