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Green Rice Video Raspi Recipes (Page 9)

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  • Brain Masala Recipe

    Brain Masala is prepared with mutton brains and tomatoes. Brains are boiled and cooked with tomatoes & green chilies paste. Then garnish with coriander leaves & green chilies and serve with hot naan.
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  • Buffalo Chicken Salad by Chef Gulzar

    Buffalo Chicken Salad is prepared with Chicken, Carrot and Green Vegetables and topped with Mayonnaise, Cream and Green Vegetables Dressing.
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  • Hara Lahsun Aur Bajre Ke Kabab

    Hara Lahsun Aur Bajre Ke Kabab is tasty kabab. It is prepared with green garlic, bajre flour, mince and green chilies. Balls made and deep fried. Make it in Ramadan.
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  • Vegetable Burger Recipe

    Vegetable Burger is tasty burger. Potatoes, peas, onions, green chilies & spices are mixed and made patties. Then dipped in maida & rice flour mixture, coated with bread crumbs and fried. Then kept on burger buns with lettuce leaves, cucumber slices & cheese sauce and served with fries, ketchup & chili garlic sauce.
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  • Cashew Chicken Recipe

    Cashew Chicken is tasty dish. Boneless chicken breast or thighs are stir-fried in oil. Then cooked with ginger, garlic, capsicum, chicken broth, soya sauce mixture, cornstarch mixture and cashew nuts. Then garnished with green onion & coriander leaves and served with cooked rice or noodles.
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  • Aloo Green Biryani by Sana Pasha

    Recipe of Aloo Green Biryani by Sana Pasha in Pak Raha Hai Kiya on Indus Vision.
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  • Chicken Masala by Shireen Anwer

    Chicken Masala is prepared with Chicken, Chili Sauce and Chili Garlic sauce and garnished with Green Chilies and Green Coriander.
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  • Palak Paneer Recipe

    Palak Paneer is very tasty and delicious dish. Cottage cheese cubes is fried in oil. Spinach is boiled and grinded with green chilies. Then cooked with spices & cream in butter and mixed with fried cheese cubes. Then garnished with butter & coriander leaves and serve with hot naan, rice or roti.
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  • Singaporean Rice by Rida Aftab

    Singaporean Rice is yummy & delicious dish. It is prepared with combination of rice & noodles. You must try this recipe at home for your family.
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  • Singaporean Rice

    Singaporean Rice is wonderful dish. It is prepared with combination of rice, noodles, prawns & chicken. It is usually served in parties in Pakistan. Try this at home.
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  • Green Chicken Fry by Chef Zakir

    Recipe of Green Chicken Fry by Chef Zakir in Dawat on Masala Tv.
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  • Green Hot Prawn by Chef Zakir

    Recipe of Green Hot Prawn by Chef Zakir in Dawat on Masala TV
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  • Green Chicken Pizza by Ruby Taj

    Recipe of Green Chicken Pizza by Ruby Taj in Dastarkhwan on Zaiqa TV
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  • Rice Bhajia Recipe

    Rice Bhajia is new & amazing snack. Rice is soaked with yogurt and grinded. Then mixed with vegetables, made patti and deep fried.
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  • Rice Balls

    Rice Balls is delicious dish. It is prepared with mince, rice & cheese and deep fried. Try this new recipe at home.
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  • Bhindi Fry Recipe

    Bhindi Fry is prepared with okra, tomatoes and green chilies. Onion is fried and cooked with tomatoes. Then okra & green chilies and cook until okra tender. Sprinkled with all spice powder and serve with roti. You can also serve in breakfast.
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  • Bite Sized Spring Rolls by Zubaida Tariq

    Bite Sized roll is extra tasty snake that can be made easily with some tips that showed in video. You can made it with tea or for refreshment.
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  • Shashlik Rice by Chef Gulzar

    Shashlik Rice is delicious dish. Rice is served with chicken & vegetables in skewers.
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  • Aloo ki Bhujia Recipe

    Aloo ki Bhujia is prepared with potatoes, green chilies and spices. Potatoes are cooked with spices. Then simmered with green chilies and serve with roti or chapati.
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  • Aloo Ka Raita Recipe

    Aloo Ka Raita is prepared with yogurt, potatoes and green vegetables. Potatoes are boiled and mashed. Then mixed with yogurt & green vegetables and serve chilled.
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  • Spicy Cheese Kabab Recipe

    Spicy Cheese Kabab is delicious & spicy snack dish. Kabab is prepared with mince, kidney and green chilies paste. Then stuffed with cheese & green chilies mixture and fried. Serve with sauce, ketchup or chutney.
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  • Oven Baked Red Snapper With Sauted Green

    Oven Baked Red Snapper With Sauted Green is amazing dish. Fish is marinated, baked and served with vegetables.
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  • Mushroom Rice

    Mushroom Rice is amazing dish. It is easy & quick recipe to make. Try this other variety of rice.
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  • Mexican Rice

    Mexican Rice is tasty rice. It is prepared in simple & easy method, that you can make it any time.
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  • My Version Of TheThai Green Curry By Maha Jawed

    Recipe Of My Version Of The Thai Green Curry By Maha Jawed(Javed)
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