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Hyderadi Chicken Pulao Recipes

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  • Chinioti Pulao Recipe

    Chinioti Pulao is tasty and spice pulao. It is Pakistani cuisine. Chicken, rice, yogurt and green chilies are use to prepare this dish. Serve with vegetable raita.
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  • Afghani Pulao

    Afghani Pulao is delicious & tasty pulao. It is national dish of Afghanistan. The addition of dry fruits & caramelized carrot is wonderful. Try this pulao at home.
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  • Pulao Biryani by Zubaida Tariq

    Pulao Biryani is mixed recipe of Pulao & Biryani. It is prepared with Chicken, Rice & Spices and served with Raita & Salad.
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  • Murgh Kabuli Pulao Recipe

    Murgh Kabuli Pulao is tasty pulao. Chicken, nuts and carrot are boiled. Then cooked with chickpeas, rice and butter. Serve with raita.
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  • Chicken Pulao Recipe

    Chicken Pulao is prepared with chicken and rice. Chicken is boiled with spices. Then cooked with rice, green chilies & yogurt and simmered. Serve with raita. You can also make it with mutton, beef, vegetables or seafood.
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  • Beh Pulao

    Beh Pulao is tasty & amazing dish. Beh (Lotus Root) is an ingredient, grown in North of Sindh, Pakistan. You must this pulao.
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  • Chicken Tikka Pulao by Chef Jalal

    Chef Jalal add some BBQ taste to pulao and cooked Chicken Tikka Pulao recipe in his Classy Taste show on Zaiqa TV
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  • Shahi Chicken Charga Pulao

    Shahi Chicken Charga Pulao is tasty & amazing dish. Chicken is marinated and deep fried. It is served with boiled eggs, french fries and rice. You must make it at home.
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  • Pasta Pulao by Chef Tahir Chaudhry

    Pasta Pulao has a Flavor of Pasta & Pulao. It is prepared with Pasta & Pulao Ingredients.
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  • Chicken Khichdi Pulao Recipe

    Chicken Khichdi Pulao is tasty dish. It is prepared with chicken, rice, moong daal and green chilies. Serve with raita. You must try this recipe.
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  • Spaghetti Mewa Pulao

    Spaghetti Mewa Pulao is new pulao dish. Spaghetti is cooked with stocks & spices, mixed with mewa, garnished with brown onion and serve. You must try this pulao.
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  • Boneless Chicken Pulao by Rida Aftab

    Boneless Chicken Pulao is Easy, Simple & Tasty Dish. Try this dish at home after making lot of meat dishes.
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  • Chinese Pulao by Chef Gulzar

    Chinese Pulao is easy & simple dish. It is delicious recipe. It is prepared with chicken & vegetables.
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  • Kabuli Pulao

    Kabuli Pulao is an Afghani nation dish. It is prepared with chicken or mutton, raisins, carrot & rice. You must try at home.
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  • Lakhnavi Pulao Recipe

    Lakhnavi Pulao is tasty dish. It is prepared with chicken, rice and milk. You can also prepare with mutton and beef. Serve with raita.
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  • Garam Masala Pulao by Rida Aftab

    Garam Masala Pulao is spicy rice dish. It is other variety of pulao. The flavor of spices is amazing.
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  • Lucknowi Mutton Pulao

    Lucknowi Mutton Pulao is tasty rice dish. It is prepared with common ingredients. You must try this variety of pulao at home
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  • Anday Aloo Ka Pulao

    Anday Aloo Ka Pulao is delicious dish. Then combination of eggs & potatoes is amazing. Try this variety of pulao.
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  • Chicken Yakhni Pulao Recipe

    Chicken Yakhni Pulao is tasty and delicious dish. It is popular and common rice dish in Pakistan. It is prepared in various methods. Try it with your own recipe.
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  • Kashmiri Pulao Recipe

    Kashmiri Pulao is delicious & tasty rice dish. It is prepared with chicken, rice, dry fruits, pineapple and nuts. Serve with raita.
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  • Chicken Pulao by Chef Iqbal

    Recipe of Chicken Pulao by Chef Iqbal in Live Kitchen on Zaiqa Tv.
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  • Green Chicken Pulao by Sam Ali

    Green Chicken Pulao is amazing dish. It is little new variety of rice dish. You must try this recipe.
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  • Zafrani Murgh Pulao

    Zafrani Murgh Pulao is tasty dish. The flavor of saffron is aromatic. Chicken is marinated overnight, cooked with rice and served with chilled raita.
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  • Jhinga Or Aloo Ka Pulao

    Jhinga Or Aloo Ka Pulao is tasty dish. It is cooked in different method. It can be prepare with fish or meat or chicken.
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  • Afghani Pulao Recipe

    Afghani Pulao is delicious & tasty rice dish. Whole chicken is fried and cooked with spices, yogurt & green chilies. Then mixed with rice and serve with raita.
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