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Beef Bar B Q Recipes (Page 2)

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  • Galawat Ki Beef Boti

    Galawat Ki Beef Boti is delicious dish. Beef boneless is mixed with bihari masala, lemon juice and yogurt. Then cooked in oil and coriander leaves & green chilies are added. Serve with naan.
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  • Beef Haleem Recipe

    Beef Haleem is very popular dish of Asia. Beef, wheat, barley & lentils are used to prepare this dish. Then garnished with green chilies, ginger & fried onion and served with hot naan. You can also make it with chicken also.
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  • Beef Keri Karahi by Chef Gulzar

    Beef Keri Karahi is prepared with Beef, Tomatoes and Raw Mangoes and served with hot Naan.
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  • Sizzling Beef

    Sizzling Beef is wonderful dish. Beef is marinated with sauce & cooked with sauce in sizzler. It is served with sideline.
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  • Malaysian Beef Leg Soup

    Malaysian Beef Leg Soup is new variety soup. Beef leg is cooked with spices and garnished with brown onion. It is served with soya sauce and green chilies & vinegar paste.
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  • Crispy Sesame Beef

    Crispy Sesame Beef is tasty dish. Undercut beef is coated with corn flour and deep fried. Then garnished with sesame seeds and served in sauce.
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  • Roasted Beef Sandwich Recipe

    Roasted Beef Sandwich is tasty sandwich. Red sauce is spreaded on bread slices. Then beef, omelette and vegetables are kept. Served with salad leaves and ketchup.
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  • Beef Club Sandwich by Chef Gulzar

    Beef Club Sandwich is Multi-Layer Sandwich. Its Origin is United States. It is prepared with Beef and stuffed in Toasted Bread Slices with Lettuce & Tomatoes.
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  • Turkish Beef Kabab Recipe

    Turkish Beef Kabab is tasty kabab. Beef mince is chopped with spices and coated with maida. Fried and serve with sauce or ketchup.
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  • Beef Steak Sandwich Recipe

    Beef Steak Sandwich is delicious sandwich. Beef is marinated and roasted in oven. Then spread on homemade bread slices with dressing and salad. Cut into shape and serve with fries & ketchup.
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  • Beef Chili Recipe

    Beef Chili is prepared with beef and green chilies. Beef is marinated with spices & flour and then stir fried. Then mixed with stir fried green chilies and serve with hot naan. Make this recipe at home.
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  • Beef Sandwich Recipe

    Beef Sandwich is tasty sandwich. Beef undercut is marinated with paste, sauce & spices and cooked in oil. Then kept with tomato, cucumber, lettuce leaves, bbq sauce & butter in grilled bread slices and served.
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  • Beef Shawarma Roll Recipe

    Beef Shawarma Roll is tasty dish. Bread is prepared with maida, stuffed with Americana beef shawarma, rolled and served.
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  • Beef Mince Samosa Recipe

    Beef Mince Samosa is tasty snack dish. Beef mince is cooked with onions & spices and mixed with green chilies & coriander leaves. Then filled in maida wraps and deep fried.
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  • Beef Nachos Recipe

    Beef Nachos is tasty dish. Beef mince is cooked and simmered with water, kidney beans & tomato paste. Then topped on corn chips, sprinkled with cheddar cheese and baked. Then topped with salsa and served hot with sour cream.
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  • Roasted Beef Panini by Shireen Anwer

    Roasted Beef Panini is a Burger, prepared with Hunter Beef, stuffed in Panini Bread and served with Sauce.
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  • Beef Biryani Recipe

    Beef Biryani is tasty and mouth-watering rice dish. Beef is marinated with yogurt, brown onion, green chilies and spices. Then cooked in oil with tomatoes. Then simmered with fried potatoes, coriander leaves and boiled rice. Serve with raita.
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  • Beef Chop Suey Recipe

    Beef Chop Suey is tasty dish. Beef is marinated with soya sauce and corn starch. Then cooked with fried vegetables, cornstarch and water. Then served on cooked rice.
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  • Roast Beef With Potato Wedges by Chef Tahir Chaudhry

    Roast Beef With Potato Wedges is delicious. Beef has juicy flavors. It is roasted on oven. It is commonly eaten UK, US and Australia.
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  • Roast Beef & Onion Panini

    Roast Beef & Onion Panini is tasty sandwich. Beef is marinated, cooked with vegetables, mushrooms and cheese. Then stuffed in bread and served with sauce or dip.
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  • Beef Chutney Roll Recipe

    Beef Chutney Roll is spicy roll. Beef is marinated with paste, spices and cooked with marination. Then filled in self raising flour parathay with onion & mint yogurt chutney and served.
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  • Lahori Beef Handi by Rida Aftab

    Lahori Beef Handi is prepared with Beef, Tomatoes and Yogurt
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  • Spicy Thai Beef

    Spicy Thai Beef is spicy dish. It is made with undercut beef and served in sauce. It is prepared in few steps.
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  • Beef Stew by Rida Aftab

    Beef Stew is tasty gravy dish. It is prepared with beef & vegetables & served in gravy. It can be served with rice or roti.
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  • BBQ Thai Garlic Beef

    BBQ Thai Garlic Beef is delicious dish. Beef pasanday is mixed with green chili paste and Thai red curry paste. Then steamed, fried and given smoke of coal. Serve with sauce.
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