Crab Recipes

Crab is one of the seafood that is not only delicious but nutritious too. It is even more nutritious than the fin fish. Crab is a great source of proteins and its meat is digestible for people of all ages. Crab contains long chain of omega 3 fatty acids that is polyunsaturated acids, and rich in vitamins and minerals. It is low in fat and helps to provide protection from heart diseases and assists in brain development. Some researches show that omega 3 also inhibits aggressive behaviour. All shellfish are good source of selenium but especially Crab is a rich source of selenium that is a trace mineral.

Selenium plays a vital role in humans` antioxidant defence function which prevents damage to cells and tissues. It also plays an important role in immune system function of our body, synthesis in reproduction and thyroid hormone metabolism. Crab contains riboflavin that is vitamin B2, copper and phosphorus. Riboflavin plays an important role in iron absorption in digestive tract and also supports the activity of antioxidants. Riboflavin is important in production of red blood cells and steroids, the promotion of normal growth and maintenance of nervous system, eyes and skin.

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