Halloween Recipes

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  • Banana Cream Frosting

    Banana frosting
    Views: 2722 | Rating:
  • Cream Cheese Frosting

    Cake frosting
    Views: 3575 | Rating:
  • Apricot Ice Milk

    sweet flavored frozen cream dessert with eggs
    Views: 5196 | Rating:
  • Sauté Chicken with Peaches

    The sautéed peachy chicken
    Views: 2614 | Rating:
  • Fruit-Flavor Popcorn Balls

    The perfect sweet and fruity movie appetizer
    Views: 2412 | Rating:
  • Jalapeno Eggs

    A delicious appetizer for guests to munch on!!
    Views: 2324 | Rating:

    Quick chocolate drink with cooling minty flavor.
    Views: 2536 | Rating:
  • Banana Foster

    Bananas Foster is a dessert made from bananas and vanilla ice cream.
    Views: 3315 | Rating:
  • Taste of the Islands

    The mixed- fruit smoothie
    Views: 5019 | Rating:
  • Badaam biscuits

    Tea time sider
    Views: 3306 | Rating:
  • Roasted French Fries

    Baked Spicy French fries.
    Views: 15964 | Rating:
  • Cherry Cheesecake

    Make the best Chilled Cherry Cheesecake with this easy recipe.
    Views: 5882 | Rating:
  • Buttery Chocolate Chip Cookies

    The perfect goodie for all occasions.
    Views: 2799 | Rating:
  • Chicken Shawarma

    The ultimate on-the-go-meal.
    Views: 6208 | Rating:
  • Tortilla Pinwheels

    Exclusive Appetizer
    Views: 3348 | Rating:
  • Chocolate Fondues

    For those dinner parties when you want to give yourself a break, look no further than simple chocolate fondue.
    Views: 3530 | Rating:
  • Chocolate Coffee Cups

    An easy to prepare and sinfully delicious chocolate coffee dessert.
    Views: 4535 | Rating:
  • Devil's Steak

    The Sinfully delicious Steak.
    Views: 5336 | Rating:
  • Cream of Crab Soup

    Cream of crab soup is a rich and silky soup made with cream, crab and seasonings.
    Views: 2916 | Rating:
  • Go-Lite Cocoa Squares

    Perfect dessert for dieters
    Views: 2208 | Rating:
  • Chicken Noodle Casserole

    Chicken noodle casserole with mushrooms and sour cream
    Views: 5034 | Rating:
  • Apple Roll

    Soft sweet apples that are wrapped around an apple chew can only be described in one way- delicious.
    Views: 7876 | Rating:
  • Chew Bread

    Relax in the afternoon and chew on some of it.
    Views: 6328 | Rating:
  • Chinese almond cookies

    Almond cookies
    Views: 2657 | Rating:
  • Cherry Cream Cheese Spread

    A cheesy Spread
    Views: 2004 | Rating: