Mince / Keema Recipes

Minced meat is commonly known as qeema, it is actually the small boneless pieces of meat whether poultry, lamb, mutton or beef. The boneless or lean part of the meat is sliced and chopped into small fine or unfine pieces, which could be used for several purposes. Mostly fine pieces of mince is produced by the chopper which almost crush the flesh to make kababs or filling in cutlets. Mince meat could be used as bar be cue too to make seekhkabab of the minced meat. Other uses could be to use it in fillings of samosas or rolls and etc. else unfine minced meat could be cooked on the stove too with combination of any of the lentils or vegetable you like. You can add different seasonings and flavours to mince to use it differently; even it could be used as sandwich filling for your snacks or tea. Additionally it provides you diet full of protein, iron and other healthy nutrients to make you healthy and fit as well as provide you full energy.

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