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Biryani Masala In Urdu Recipes in English

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  • Fish Biryani

    Fish Biryani is tasty & wonderful biryani. Then flavor of fish is delicious. Make this recipe after eating chicken or mutton biryani.
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  • Bengali Fish Biryani

    Bengali Fish Biryani is Bengal dish. It is tasty biryani. Fish is marinated and simmered with rice & milk. Try this biryani and serve with salad.
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  • Chatkhara Biryani

    Chatkhara Biryani is spicy and tasty biryani. It is prepared with chicken & hara masala and sprinkled chaat masala on top..
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  • Rangeen Biryani by Chef Gulzar

    Rangeen Biryani is tasty & colorful biryani. It is prepared with beef mince. Try this dish with your own recipe at home.
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  • Kofta Biryani Recipe

    Kofta Biryani is tasty biryani. It is cooked in various methods. Prepare it with your own method. You can prepared with chicken or mutton or beef mince.
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  • Reshmi Biryani by Zubaida Tariq

    Reshmi Biryani is popular Indian Biryani, prepared with Chicken, Yogurt, Rice & Cream and served with Raita & Salad.
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  • Apple Biryani Recipe

    Apple Biryani is tasty & new variety biryani. Apples are used to prepare this dish. Cooked with rice and garnished almonds, pistachios & raisins.
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  • Nizami Biryani

    Nizami Biryani is tasty biryani. Its flavors are wonderful. It is prepared with chicken. You can make it with mutton or beef.
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  • Chicken Biryani Recipe

    Chicken Biryani is common and popular biryani in Pakistan. It is prepared in many methods. Make it with your own method.
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  • Balochi Murgh Leg Biryani

    Balochi Murgh Leg Biryani is delicious biryani. It is other variety of biryani. Must try this recipe at home.
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  • Saloni Biryani Recipe

    Saloni Biryani is delicious & new variety biryani. Chicken is cooked with tomatoes, plum and spices. Then mixed with boiled rice & mint leaves and simmered. Serve with raita.
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  • Degi Biryani by Chef Asad in Lazzat With Asad

    You might try Biryani but might not be a Deghi biryani that is really new tasty spicy biryani recipe to have dinner or lunch like outside taste with home made recipes.Chef Aasd made it in Lazzat With Asad on Metro One
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  • Chicken Vegetable Biryani

    Chicken Vegetable Biryani is tasty biryani. The combination of chicken & vegetables is wonderful. Make this biryani.
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  • Pulao Biryani by Zubaida Tariq

    Pulao Biryani is mixed recipe of Pulao & Biryani. It is prepared with Chicken, Rice & Spices and served with Raita & Salad.
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  • Kachay Gosht Ki Hyderabadi Biryani

    Kachay Gosht Ki Hyderabadi Biryani is tasty biryani. It is prepared with same method of other biryani. Make it with your recipe.
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  • Smoke Special Biryani by Sameen Siddiqui

    Smoke Special Biryani is different type of Biryani, prepared with Rice, Marinated & Smoked Chicken & Yogurt and served with Raita & Salad.
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  • Mutton Biryani

    Mutton Biryani is tasty biryani. It is common rice dish in Pakistan. It is commonly served in parties in Pakistan. You can prepare it with beef or chicken or seafood.
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  • Vegetable Biryani

    Vegetable Biryani is tasty biryani. It is prepared with many ingredients and in long method. Make it in simple and short method. Serve with beetroot carrot raita.
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  • Achari Biryani Recipe

    Achari Biryani is spicy biryani. It is prepared with chicken, rice, yogurt, green chilies and achari masala. You must try this recipe.
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  • Bihari Biryani Recipe

    Bihari Biryani is delicious biryani. Chicken is mixed with yogurt, papaya and spices. Then mixed with green chilies, mint leaves and rice. Then given smoke of coal and serve with raita.
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  • Hyderabadi Dum Biryani Recipe

    Hyderabadi Dum Biryani is delicious biryani dish. Mutton is marinated with yogurt and spices mixture. Then fried in oil, dum with boiled rice, mint leaves, coriander leaves & yellow food color and served with raita & salad.
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  • Parda Chilman Biryani by Shireen Anwer

    Parda Chilman Biryani is Innovative & Unique Biryani. It is prepared with Mutton, covered with Butter & Flour Parda Dough, brushed with Eggs and baked.
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  • Spicy Chaap Biryani

    Spicy Chaap Biryani is tasty and spicy biryani. Mutton chops is marinated and cooked. Then mixed with rice, vegetables & yogurt, simmered and give smoke of coal.
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  • Chicken Reshmi Biryani

    Chicken Reshmi Biryani is delicious & tasty biryani. Chicken is marinated and fried in oil. Then mixed with rice and served with mint coriander raita.
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  • Kasuri Mutton Biryani Recipe

    Kasuri Mutton Biryani is tasty biryani. Mutton is boiled and cooked with spices. Then simmered with rice and serve with raita & salad.
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