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Corn is a staple crop, that not only provides necessary calories for daily healthy metabolism, but also a rich source of vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin B vitamin E and many minerals, it is high in dietary fibre which ensures that it play an important role in avoiding digestive ailments like constipation, colorectal cancer, and haemorrhoids. It also contains antioxidants which acts as anti-carcinogenic agents and also prevents Alzheimer`s disease. Other health benefits of corn includes controlling diabetes, lowers hypertension, prevention of heart ailments and prevention of neural tube defects at birth.

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  • Chicken Cheese Paratha Recipe

    Chicken Cheese Paratha is delicious and tasty paratha. Dough is prepared with maida, kneaded and rolled in thin roti. Chicken is marinated with yogurt & spices mixture and fried. Then stuffed in roti with cream cheese, mozzarella cheese & cheddar cheese and cover with second roti. Then fried and serve with raita.
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  • Lab-e-Shireen Recipe

    Lab-e-Shireen is delicious dessert. Milk & sugar is boiled, mixed with corn flour & cream and cooked. Then mixed with fruits, jellies and vermicelli. Then garnished with nuts and served chilled. You can add more fruits.
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  • Naan Recipe

    Naan is prepared with maida, choker, egg and yeast. Mixed together, made dough, divided into balls and rolled. Then baked or cooked in pan and serve with main course dishes.
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  • Chicken Samosa Recipe

    Chicken Samosa is crispy fried snack dish. Chicken is cooked with garlic paste. Then mixed with onions, green chilies and coriander leaves. Then filled in wraps and fried. Serve with chutney.
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  • Aloo Kay Pakoray Recipe

    Aloo Kay Pakoray is tasty and crispy snack dish. Potatoes is cut in round shape. Then dipped in gram flour & spices batter and deep fried in oil. Served with sauce or ketchup and tea.
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  • Spring Roll Recipe

    Spring Roll is prepared with cabbage, carrots, peas and potatoes. Then fried with soya sauce, ketchup and spices. Then filled in roll wraps and deep fried. Serve with ketchup or sauce or chutney.
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  • Keemay Ky Samosay Recipe

    Keemay Ky Samosay is prepared with mince, onion, green chilies and coriander leaves. Then filled in maida wraps and fried. Served with sauce or ketchup and tea.
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  • Sweet And Sour Chicken Recipe

    Sweet And Sour Chicken is delicious dish. Chicken and mix vegetables are fried separately. Then cooked together with ketchup sauce and served over cooked rice. Try this recipe at home.
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  • Aloo Ka Samosa Recipe

    Aloo Ka Samosa is common dish. Dough is prepared with maida, salt and whit cumin. Then kneaded, made balls, rolled and shaped in samosa. Then filled with potato & spices filling and fried. Served with tea and ketchup.
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  • Doodh Dulari Recipe

    Doodh Dulari is mouth-washing and delicious sweet dish. Milk is cooked and cooked with corn flour. Then mixed with fruits, rabri, cham cham, jellies & vermicelli and served chilled. Make it at home and surprise your family.
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  • Kachori Recipe

    Kachori is prepared with maida. Then knead and made small balls. Then stuffed with grinded masoor daal mixture and rolled. Then fried and served with aloo ki tarkari.
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  • Chicken Broast Recipe

    Chicken Broast is marinated with lemon juice & soya sauce mixture and steamed. Then dipped in eggs mixture and coated with bread crumbs mixture. Then deep fried and serve with fries, ketchup, sauce and dinner roll.
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  • Lacha Paratha Recipe

    Lacha Paratha is prepared with flour and wholewheat flour. Mixed together and rolled. Then fried in oil and serve with tea or eggs or achar.
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  • Prawn Tempura Recipe

    Prawn Tempura is tasty dish. Prawns is marinated with lemon juice and spices. Then dipped in maida mixture and fried. Serve with sauce or dip. You can make it at home easily.
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  • Chicken Tikka Pizza Recipe

    Chicken Tikka Pizza is tasty pizza. Chicken is marinated with spices and lemon juice. Then fried and given smoke of coal. Dough is prepared with flour & egg and rolled. Then tomato paste is spread, topped with chicken, cheese, onion, tomato, olives & herbs and baked. Serve with ketchup or chili garlic sauce.
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  • Halwa Puri Recipe

    Halwa Puri is tasty dish. Puri is prepared with maida & flour and fried.. Halwa is prepared with semolina and cooked with sugar syrup. Aloo ki bhujia is prepared with potatoes, green chilies & tamarind pulp and cooked. Chana is prepared with chickpeas and cooked with spices. Serve all together.
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  • Vegetable Paratha Recipe

    Vegetable Paratha is yummy and spicy paratha. It is prepared with wheat flour, peas, carrots, cauliflower, potatoes, spring onions and green chilies. Then stuffed in dough and cooked. Serve with raita or achar.
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  • Whole Wheat Bread Recipe

    Whole Wheat Bread is prepared with wheat flour, wheat, flour, oats and sesame seeds. Then mixed together and baked. It is easy and simple recipe to make at home.
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  • Reshmi Kabab Recipe

    Reshmi Kabab is prepared with chicken, green chilies, lemon juice, bread crumbs and butter. Then grinded and refrigerate. Then bbq it and serve with hot paratha and chutney
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  • Baisan Ki Barfi Recipe

    Baisan Ki Barfi is yummy sweet dish. It is prepared with gram flour roasted in ghee. Then mixed with coconut and set in tray. Then decorated with nuts & silver paper and served in square pieces.
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  • Beef Chili Recipe

    Beef Chili is prepared with beef and green chilies. Beef is marinated with spices & flour and then stir fried. Then mixed with stir fried green chilies and serve with hot naan. Make this recipe at home.
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  • Homemade Biscuits Recipe

    Homemade Biscuits is easy and simple biscuits to make. It is prepared with whole wheat flour, choker, eggs and almonds. Mix together and baked. Serve with tea or coffee.
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  • Chicken Zinger Burger Recipe

    Chicken Zinger Burger is prepared with chicken marinated with mustard powder & black pepper powder mixture. Then dipped in flour & egg mixture and coated with bread crumbs & corn flakes mixture. Then deep fried, assembled with mayonnaise, ice berg lettuce & cheese in buns. Serve with mayo sauce, french fries and coleslaw salad.
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  • Cheese Bread Recipe

    Cheese Bread is crispy bread. It is prepared with flour, milk, egg and cheese. Mixed together and baked. You can make it at home easily.
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  • Seekh Kabab Recipe

    Seekh Kabab is tasty and very common kabab in Pakistan. Mince is chopped with spices and bread slices. Then mixed with green chilies, coriander leaves & egg and made seekh kabab. Then fry it or bbq it and serve with chutney and naan or paratha. You can prepare it with chicken or beef or mutton mince.
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