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  • Mayonnaise Recipe

    Mayonnaise is prepared with egg and oil. Egg is blended with salt and vinegar. Then oil is added gradually and blended. Then store in bottle.
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  • Beef Steak Recipe

    Beef Steak is prepared with beef undercut. Beef is marinated with sauces and herbs. Then grilled on grill pan with oil or butter. Then served in sizzler with boiled vegetables and french fries or mashed potatoes or boiled rice or potato wedges.
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  • Chocolate Souffle Recipe

    Chocolate Souffle is prepared with cocoa powder, milk, eggs and sugar. Egg yolks, sugar, milk & cocoa powder are mixed and cooked. Then folded in egg whites & sugar mixture and chilled. Decorate with cream & strawberry or cherry and serve.
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  • Aloo Matar Keema Recipe

    Aloo Matar Keema is tasty dish. Mince is cooked with spices, tomatoes and green chilies. Then potatoes & peas are added and cooked more. Then serve with hot naan.
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  • Grilled Chicken Recipe

    Grilled Chicken is prepared with chicken breast. Chicken is marinated with yogurt and spices mixture. Then brushed with oil and grilled. Serve with onion rings and raita.
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  • Galawat Ke Kabab Recipe

    Galawat Ke Kabab is prepared with beef mince. Beef mince is mixed with spices and paste. Then made round kabab and shallow fried. Serve with ketchup.
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  • Chicken Ginger Recipe

    Chicken Ginger is tasty dish. Onion is fried with spices. Then cooked with chicken, yogurt, tomatoes, green chilies, coriander leaves and ginger. Serve with raita and hot naan.
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  • Chicken Pakora Recipe

    Chicken Pakora is tasty snack dish. Batter is prepared with gram flour, green chilies, coriander leaves and spices. Then chicken cubes is dipped in batter and fried in oil. Serve hot with sauce, chutney or ketchup.
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  • Pani Puri Recipe

    Pani Puri is spicy and crispy snack dish. Puri is prepared with semolina & maida, kneaded and fried. Pani is prepared with tamarind paste, water & spices, cooked, strained and chilled. Puri is filled with chickpeas, potatoes, yogurt & pani and served.
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  • Jalebi Recipe

    Jalebi is delicious sweet dish. Batter is prepared with maida, soda, yellow color and water. Then fried in oil and dipped in sugar syrup. Serve hot or warm.
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  • Chicken Spring Roll Recipe

    Chicken Spring Roll is crispy snack dish. Chicken is fried with vegetables, beans sprouts, white pepper and soya sauce. Then filled in roll wraps and fried. Serve with ketchup or sauce or chutney.
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  • Fruit Chaat Recipe

    Fruit Chaat is healthy dish. Mix fruits are cut into small pieces and mixed with lemon juice. Then sprinkled with chaat masala and served chilled. You can also add more fruits.
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  • Chicken Roll Recipe

    Chicken Roll is tasty and spicy roll. Chicken is shredded and potatoes are mashed. Then both mixed together with cheese, coriander leaves, green chilies and spices. Then filled in roll wraps and fried. Serve hot with sauce or ketchup.
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  • Meethay Samosay Recipe

    Meethay Samosay is sweet snack dish. Maida is roasted and mixed with coconut, sugar & nuts. Then filled in samosa wraps and fried in oil. Serve hot.
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  • Vegetable Roll Recipe

    Vegetable Roll is prepared with mix vegetables. Then fried with ketchup & spices and filled in roll wraps. Then shallow fired in oil and serve with ketchup or sauce.
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  • Chocolate Brownie Recipe

    Chocolate Brownie is mouth-watering and delicious dessert. Sugar & butter are beaten and mixed with eggs. Then mixed with maida & coco powder and poured in pan. Then baked in oven, topped with chocolate icing and chilled. Then cut into squares and serve.
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  • Vegetable Kabab Recipe

    Vegetable Kabab is tasty kabab. Potatoes are boiled, peeled and mashed. Then mixed with green chilies, coriander leaves & carrots peas mixture and made kabab. Then dipped in eggs, coated with bread crumbs and shallow fried.
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  • Aloo Ka Raita Recipe

    Aloo Ka Raita is prepared with yogurt, potatoes and green vegetables. Potatoes are boiled and mashed. Then mixed with yogurt & green vegetables and serve chilled.
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  • Shahi Tukray Recipe

    Shahi Tukray is delicious dessert. Bread slices are fried in ghee. Then milk is cooked with sugar & cardamom powder and mixed with condensed milk. Then poured over fried bread slices, sprinkled with nuts and served chilled.
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  • Matar Pulao Recipe

    Matar Pulao is prepared with rice and peas. Peas is roasted in oil. Then roasted again with spices and green chilies. Then cooked with rice and simmered. Serve with raita.
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  • Mutton Chops Karahi Recipe

    Mutton Chops Karahi is tasty dish. Mutton chops is cooked with tomatoes and spices in wok (karahi). Then roasted with green chilies, sprinkled with all spice powder and garnished with coriander leaves & ginger slices. Serve with raita and hot naan.
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  • Keema Bhari Shimla Mirch Recipe

    Keema Bhari Shimla Mirch is tasty dish. Mince is cooked with fried onion, tomatoes and spices. Then filled in capsicum and cooked with remaining mince. Serve with naan or chapati.
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  • Balti Gosht Recipe

    Balti Gosht is tasty dish. Mutton is cooked with fried onion, ginger garlic paste & tomatoes and roasted with green chilies. Serve with naan and raita.
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  • White Chicken Karahi Recipe

    White Chicken Karahi is delicious and tasty dish. Chicken is fried in oil and removed. Then onion is fried and roasted with ginger garlic paste and fried chicken. Then cooked with yogurt and simmered with green chilies. Then garnished with coriander leaves & ginger slices and serve with hot naan & raita.
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  • Coffee Cake Recipe

    Coffee Cake is delicious and mouth-watering dessert. Sponge cake is prepared with sugar, butter, eggs and maida. Mixed together, poured in greased pan and baked. Coffee & sugar icing is spread on one sponge cake, covered with second sponge cake and spread remaining coffee & sugar icing. Serve chilled.
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